Buy now. Buy safe.

Request a 'Veryfier' to inspect the goods you want to buy
prior to making your online purchase.


Send a skilled Veryfier to report on your online used purchase before you buy.

Ever been about to make a big used purchase online, but wasn't sure that what you were buying may not be what it seems? Well now you dont have to worry - Introducing Veryfier.

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How you can benefit from Veryfier

Be safe

Send a skilled veryfier
and get a full report.

Save time

Let a skilled veryfier
do the job for you.

Save money

Veryfiers make money
according to their skills

Build Trust

Build a strong
network of veryfiers

1. Post a job and sit tight.

If you need to get a purchase verified, post a job and see which verification specialist is up for the job!

2. Review applicants

As a buyer you have the option to post jobs, view from a list of entry level to experienced Veryfiers located near the product you wish to buy.

3. Hire.

Once you've selected the right Veryfier for the job, just tap "HireMe"!

4. Get your verification report.

After you’ve hired your verifier, they will report back to you with a full report of the item you wish to purchase, which may include pictures, videos and descriptions.

5. Rate your Veryfier.

Once the job is completed, the Buyer will rate the Veryfier based on the quality and accuracy of project.

Want to become a Veryfier?

Get paid to do what you're good at and help buyers purchase with assurance.

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