About Us

We're a team of serial entrepreneurs
trying to make a difference for buyers.

Laurent Piani - CEO & Founder

Accomplished entrepreneur, engineer. Over 10 years managing projects in small and large companies in Europe. Passioned and fueled with challenges, always looking for more and better, Laurent has been developping Veryfier for 2 almost years. Passioned by Cars,Technology and all type of businesses in general, his focus will lead you all the way up to the success.

Frank Brenes - CMO & Co-Founder

Frank Brenes has been in the forefront of mobile advertising since 2009 and digital media space since 2005. He has been part of successful launches of start-ups LeadBolt, Midverse Studios, HammerCat Studios, ZiMM-Job Matching Tool, Adeco Systems, and The Game Storm Studios. Since 2009, Frank Brenes has been heavily involved on mobile publisher acquisitions for the purpose of growing mobile publisher base for mobile ad networks

Ozzie Areu - CFO & Co-Founder

Ozzie Areau is the president of Tyler Perry Studios since 2006. Ozzie manages the Tyler Perry Studios vision "A Place Where Even Dreams Believe," intertwining worlds through story telling and family friendly entertainment, while inspiring audiences with real-life and thought provoking issues. In addition to Ozzie’s duties as president of Tyler Perry Studios, he has produced numerous films and hit television shows for Perry.

Mahfuz Khan - Lead Software Developer

Over the last 7 years, Mahfuz has developed many websites and mobile apps. But more importantly He was able to keep pace with fast changing software technologies. He is now focused on Xamarin based mobile app development.

Johanna Torcuas - Social media and relations manager

Johanna joined the gig economy in 2009 as a contractor and is now part of Veryfier. Johanna has been a freelance social media marketing consultant for the past seven years helping companies successfully launch social media campaigns and raising brand awareness.

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