Veryfier FAQ

We have your questions answered.
Everything you need to know.

1.  How much does the Veryfier service cost to use?

Veryfier is free to use for both parties Buyers and Veryfiers

2.  How does Veryfier work?

2.1 Buyer needs an item for sale online physically verified/inspected

2.2 Buyer lives remotely and/or the item is located in another state or country, or lives near the item but still needs someone qualified to inspect it

2.3 Buyer posts a job on the Veryfier app

2.4 Veryfiers in the area where the job is located receive a notification on their mobile device, open the app to review the job post, then apply to the job.

2.5 The buyer sees the list of applicants building up and chooses the best qualified Veryfier in that area and “Hire the veryfier.” based on skills, price...

2.6 Buyer pays the Veryfier through the Veryfier app escrow service. (See 2.9)

2.7 The Veryifer accomplishes the task required by the buyer and send the report through the app including but not limited to:

2.7.1 Written report, videos, pictures, recommendations...

2.8 Buyer gets notified the report has been submitted and then release the payment to view the report.

2.9 The company keeps a 20% transaction fee once the verification is complete

3.  How much do Veryfiers typically charge Buyers?

3.1 Veryfier is a real-time marketplace based on demand and past data.

3.3 The Buyer can choose to spend more or less on a Veryfier based on the item being verified as well as the specific Veryfier’s skills and expertise

4.  What kind of items need Verification?

Pretty much anything for which there is a risk during the purchase. When buying expensive items online, people can easily end up spending thousands more than they should if they’ve been misleaded. Examples include:

  • Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Trading Cards
  • Classic Cars
  • Boats
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • High-tech products
  • Luxury items
  • Tools
  • Real Estate
  • And much more...!

5.  Why would I need this service?

When considering the purchase of an expensive or hard to find item online, you should first verify that the product is authentic and is exactly what the seller has described. Many online ads incorrectly describe items, hide tears, rust, dents and other flaws, and more…Veryfier provides peace of mind when making purchases online through the assurance that you are getting what you really want.

6.  How do I become a Veryfier?

Anyone can sign up to become a Veryfier! We all have skills and Veryfier is building the strongest trusted network of individuals with a wide range of skills and expertise. Simply log into the app as a Veryfier and complete your profile information, upload pictures of your diplomas, certifications, references and anything else that proves you are as honest as we know you are! The company runs a background check before allowing any Veryfier to begin applying for jobs. The goal, as with any other platform, is to build your profile and reputation as a Veryfier based on our review system.

7.  How do I get paid as a Veryfier?

7.1 As a Veryfier you are an independent contractor

7.2 Veryfiers can withdraw their money at any time and can keep track of all transactions made using Veryfier’s financial system, which is built right into the app. It generally takes no more than 48 hours to transfer money from Veryfier directly to your PayPal account. It takes up to 7 business days if the buyer uses a credit card. Veryfiers can then spend their earnings using PayPal, or transfer it into their personal bank account.