Veryfier FAQ

We have your questions answered.
Everything you need to know.

1.  What does the service cost to use?

Veryfier is free to use for both parties Buyer and Veryfier

2.  How does Veryfier work?

2.1 The buyer needs an item online physically verified

2.2 The buyer lives remotely and the item is located in another state or country or in the same area

2.3 The buyer post a job on Veryfier App (For example. "I need someone to go and inspect a 1966 mustang")

2.4 Veryfiers in area gets a notification through the app

2.5 The buyer sees the list of applicants building up and chooses the best qualified Veryfier in that area and "Hire the veryfier". based on skills, price...

2.6 The Veryfier physically goes out and inspects the product

2.7 The Veryfier accomplishes the task required by the buyer including but not limited to:

2.7.1 Written report, videos, pictures, recommendations...

2.8 Buyer pays the Veryfier through Veryfier app to visualize the report. Our system insures that the buyer's funds are on escrow as soon as the Veryfier is hired

2.9 Veryfier(company) keeps a small transaction fee once the verification is completed: 20%

3.  How much does it cost to get a Veryfier?

3.1 Veryfier is a real-time marketplace based on demand and past data.

3.3 The buyer can choose to spend more or less on a veryfier based on the product to verify and the veyfier's skills.

4.  What are the most popular items that need Veryfication?

Pretty much everything for which there is a risk during the purchase, Expensive items that could cost you thousands if misled:

  • Collectables
  • Antiques
  • Trading Cards
  • Classic Cars
  • High-tech products
  • Luxury items
  • Tools
  • Real Estate
  • And much more...!

5.  Why would I need this service?

If you've ever bought anything online that is hard to find or expensive, you'll need to verify if the product authentic, or if it is exactly what the seller is describing online. Most of the ads online are not correctly described, tears and flaws hidden and more.. With veryfier its the peace of mind to get what you really want.

6.  How do I become a Veryfier?

Everybody can become a Veryfier which is the strength of the app. Most of the people, you and us have skills and we want to use these skills to build the strongest and trusted network of Veryfiers. You can login on the app as a Veryfier and complete your profile, upload pictures of your diplomas, or anything that proves that you are honest on who you are. The goal as any other platform is to build your profile and reputation as a Veryfier based on a review system.

7.  How do I get paid as a Veryfier?

7.1 As a Veryfier you are an independent contractor

7.2 Veryfiers can withdraw their money at anytime and keep track of all the transactions made with our financial system built-in the app. It usually takes 48 hours to get their money on their paypal account. Then they can use it as is or transfer it to their personal bank account.