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Anyone can become a veryfier. Whether you're a trained luxury goods inspector or just an average joe with a great eye for scratches. All you need to do is set up an account and start making money!

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1. Set up your profile.

Create your account using Facebook or email. Then complete your profile by uploading credentials, certifications, diplomas and resumes.

2. Search for a task.

Whatever you specialize in, someone needs you to verify their purchase. Our main categories include auto, tech, real estate, luxury items and much more.

3. Apply for a task.

Submit your application to the buyers to let them know you're available to verify their purchases.

4. Get the verification completed.

Follow the buyer's job request by submitting a full detailed report including pictures and videos.

5. Get paid.

As soon as you send in your report, it's pay day! Veryfier makes it easy for you to receive payment to your Paypal account.